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Welcome to ProTom Fitness Personal Training, where fitness is fun, and the only person pushing you,is you!

Top rated personal training facility - 4th out of 2,226 UK - See Here

Do you want to feel fit and healthy?
Do you want to lose weight and tone up?
Do you want to have fun and get guaranteed results?


ProTom Fitness Personal Training in Bristol can help you achieve all this and more!

Based in the heart of Bristol near Clifton, Tom Lakos has created a space where working out is pure enjoyment, making it a completely unique experience. We work with you not just physically but mentally too, ensuring that you always leave feeling both invigorated and empowered.

Whatever your personal goals are, ProTom Fitness is here to help you unlock your potential. We all know how hard it can be trying to go it alone, and keeping motivated can be tough. That is where our Personal Training comes in.

We spend time with you one-on-one in a relaxed, friendly environment. There is no gym membership fee, and each personal fitness session is geared and tailored completely to your individual needs.
ProTom Fitness Personal Training gives you the tools you need to feel motivated, positive and confident, giving you a spring in your step wherever you go!

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Based in the heart of Bristol near Clifton, Tom Lakos has created a purpose built, state of the art gym providing a welcoming, private, friendly environment where you can achieve results that you would never have thought possible.

Pro Tom Fitness trainers are qualified, motivated, friendly and recognised as the best in the industry. Offering up to the minute, proven training techniques that will revolutionalize the way you exercise and allow you to achieve your personal goals, be it weightloss or sports enhancement benefits.

  • Expert Qualified Personal Trainers.
  • Professional weightloss guidance, free weights, resistance machines and cardiovascular equipment.
  • Dietary Advice for safe weight loss.
  • Modern clean facilities.
  • Metabolic Rate Testing Advice.
  • Kettlebell training.
  • Body Composition and Tanita Testing.
  • Endurance and Weightloss Coaching.
  • Pro Fitness Personal Training is a Bristol based studio solely dedicated to one-on-one fitness training, you can have your own dedicated personal trainer or sports injury specialist and a program dedicated to your specific needs.
    We provide a well equipped, spacious studio which provides a suitable training environment being friendly and non-intimidating, a place where working out is enjoyable.
    Our team pride themselves on their level of expertise. Our trainers have on average, at least 12 years experience in the health and fitness industry and are committed to life long learning and development, this ensures that you will receive the most up to date ad quality advice.
    We treat each personal training cardiff client as an individual, with the knowledge no two people have the same requirements. We recognise that each individual is unique and therefore has specific needs. We understand that issues, not just exercise, impact on a person's wellbeing, including dietary impact, lifestyle, physical activities and stress levels in the workplace; this allows us to create a programme of exercise and diet specifically tailored to yourself.
    Our success is in helping you achieve and to maintain your lifetime goals.
    We now provide Kettlebell Training. Whether it's your teeth, eyes or body in general, every aspect of our appearance is judged in todays world. We provide services for those working in Bristol, but who live in Cardiff and or Bath areas
    The human body thrives on kinetic energy, so movement is crucial for bone density and for proper functioning of the bodys organs and circulatory system, this is where personal training provides the direction and motivation to acheive and sustain your body's optimum health. Our gym provides the following:

    > advice on improving wellness
    > injury rehabilitation
    > weight control
    > home based exercise programmes
    > dietary advice
    > pre and post natal fitness
    > strength and flexibility training
    > balance exercise
    > Kettlebell Training
    > sports fitness personal training programmes
    > pilates
    > massage and osteopathy
    > allergy testing
    > body analysis
    > crossfit training
    Address: 30 Queen Charlotte Street BS1 4HJ, covering Bristol and Clifton BS8

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